Think, "General Contractor of Marketing" – Whether it is media buying, working with advertising outlets, site planning, or looking to expand into new locations, Full Function can be the agent to spear head the project.

Meet The Full Function Team

Lucas Fields MBA

Founder & President

  • Masters Business Administration - Concordia University
  • Bachelors Communication Studies - Chapman University
  • 6 Years - Media Production
  • 2 Years - Marketing Consulting

A proven and respected leader of corporate clients’ various divisions, Lucas is a self-starter and a creative, out-of-the-box thinker. Lucas produces and composes projects and campaigns that effectively build companies and brand images to address the ever-changing global marketplace.

Rami Hovsepian

Finance & Media Buyer

  • Bachelors Business Administration (Finance) - Chapman University
  • Certified Bloomberg Essentials (BESS)
  • Certified Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC)

Tyler Watkins MBA

Commercial Real Estate - Agent & Investor
General Contractor - Construction

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