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Topics We Cover

Marketing Strategy

FFM evaluates what you have done to market yourself, then helps you create new strategies, online & physically, maximizing your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

Creative Content

To remain relevant you need constant content. FFM teaches you and your staff how to contract creators OR produce high quality creative content in-house.


Sometimes companies develop "tunnel vision" when trying to grow. FFM brings an outside perspective finding ways to innovate, build teams, and capture new markets .


Meet Your Consultant

Lucas Fields MBA

Founder & President

A proven and respected leader of corporate clients’ various divisions, Lucas is a self-starter and a creative, out-of-the-box thinker. Lucas produces and composes projects and campaigns that effectively build companies and brand images to address the ever-changing global marketplace.

  • 3 Years Marketing Consulting - Has consulted for start-ups to multi-million dollar corporations.
  • 7 Years media production – in every industry you can think of: Photo, Video, and Graphic Design
  • 4 Years Social Media Advertising –
    Managed $2M+ in advertising spend.
  • BA Communication Studies
  • Masters Business Administration

What YOU get.

Discovery & Research: With the information you provide, I dive into your business and its presence online.
Consulting: You get one session, UP-TO 8 HOURS. During our session, we go over what I discovered, and put a plan together – train you and your staff along the way.



Ends December 30th 2018

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